VocalsLaMont Ridgell

PianoSteve Sanders

IntimacyI won a citywide cabaret competition a few years back which motivated me to develop a show that spent 3 years in the back of my mind. I was fortunate enough to do the show at the The Plush Room, a critically acclaimed cabaret venue here in SF. I missed the songs and decided to make a recording. You are now here, hopefully on your way to owning said recording, entitled "Intimacy".

The show was almost 90 minutes of singing with more than a few jokes along the way. I didn't want to talk too much because I found songs that said everything I wanted to say. As you can see from the songlist, it's a pretty much eclectic mix of familiar jazz standards, lesser known showtunes and more than a few obscure pop tunes. Influences ranging from Mel Torme to Charlie Brown, Todd Rundgren to dare I say, Barry Manilow. Yeah...I said it!

The CD is a small part of the show, whose theme was relationships — what's great and what's not so great about them. The show was autobiographical at times, humorous, bittersweet, but at it's core, honest and very romantic. It's my hope you'll experience that and perhaps more with my CD "Intimacy".

# Title Performer Time (m:s)
1 What the Song Should Say
Could It Be Love (This Time)?
Craig Carnelia
Mark Radice
2 Look in My Eyes Craig Carnelia 2:25
3 The Kite Clark Gesner 2:00
4 If I Ever Say I'm Over You John Bucchino 3:59
5 Orange Colored Sky Milton DeLugg & Willie Stein 2:10
6 First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Ewan MacColl 3:53
7 Words He Doesn't Say
Let Me Steal Your Heart from Him
Barry Harman & Keith Herrmann
Bruce Roberts
8 After Today Leslie Bricusse 2:22
9 The Kid Inside/What You'd Call a Dream Craig Carnelia 5:34
10 Intimacy Bruce Roberts & Junior Miles 3:47
11 When I Look into Your Eyes
If I Never Knew You
Why Did I Choose You?
Leslie Bricusse
Stephen Schwartz & Alan Menken
Herbert Martin & Michael Leonard
12 Taking the Wheel John Bucchino 4:07
13 Grateful John Bucchino 4:32
  On My Way to You Bonus track not on the CD 4:08